How To Know If Divorce Is The Best Way Forward

Your marriage is going through a rough spot and it has been for a long time now, but you don’t know if you should make the final decision to end it altogether. Figuring out if your marriage is truly over is not an easy task, but there are some common signs that it might be time to move on and move forward.

Signs It’s Time

No two marriages are exactly alike, so it can be difficult to tell when your marriage is over based on other people’s examples. However, there are a few signals that may be universal when it comes to deciding if divorce is the right solution to your marriage issues such as:

  • There are no positives left – you can’t find the good side of your spouse anymore and the joy is gone from your relationship
  • You feel selfish – In your relationship, you no longer want to compromise or see the other person’s side, all you care about is winning and your own needs
  • You don’t have any fight left – typically, people think constant fighting is a sign it’s time to end things, but giving up completely and feeling like it’s not worth it to even argue anymore can also be a sign that things are headed toward the end
  • A bad gut feeling – just like when falling in love, your body can tell you if your relationship is over, constantly feeling a heavy heart or nauseated stomach may be a sign that the marriage should be over
  • You can’t be yourself anymore – one of the most telltale signs of a bad relationship is if you don’t feel like yourself when you’re with them, filtering yourself or hiding parts of you does not lead to a healthy marriage and it may be better to call it quits
  • Daydreaming of the exit – if you find yourself planning an exit strategy or constantly thinking of a different life, it may be time to make this daydream a reality and look ahead

Deciding to file for divorce is not an easy choice to make and there’s no one-size-fits-all method for knowing if your marriage should end. But sometimes divorce is the best way to move forward.

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